Daily Trail Report

Last updated February 24th, 2018

The following is the trail report for Thursday, February 24th, at North Highlands Nordic in Cape North. The “sleepy hallow” section of the blue trail is in fair condition for skiing. Ski trails will be groomed when the weather clears and when the temperature drops below zero. Due to rain in the forecast please call the ski room at 902-383-2479 before travelling a distance. We hope to see you soon!


Trail Map

(Descriptions below)

Map Colour Name Distance (Km) Difficulty Description
Blue Sleepy Hollow & Lorretta’s Loop 4 return Easy The best option for beginners. Starts with a 1 km two-way trail,  then has a 2 km loop. Wooded trail.
Green 2.5 Intermediate Some gradual uphills and downhills. Wooded trail.
Orange 1 Hard Most difficult trail with steep up and down hills. For experienced skiiers only. Wooded trail.
Red Courtney’s Field 1.25 Easy Easy loop trail with great view of Aspy Bay and Sugarloaf Mountain. Extention of the blue trail. Open field.
Brown Courtney’s Woods 2.5 Intermediate Classic only trail. Begins from Courtney’s Field. 1 km is two-way; then one way and a climb; scenic on top and great ride back down to Courtney’s Field! The moose like this trail!  Give them the right-of-way!