LOPPETNHN loppet 2017 March 12th …. classic and skate ski timed event! Register by 10 am; loppet time 11 am. Chili meal with dessert from noon until closing … included in registration or $10 for non participants.  Door prizes! Registration fees: $30 for adults and $20 for students; season pass holders $20 for adults and $10 for students.  $40 max per family who have skiers in youth programs. $5 for preschoolers for cookie race – does not include meal or rentals. Distances: 5 km, 10.5 km, 21 km and 42 km. (** will update these prices in new year)

A Downloadable link to Register:

Cross Country Ski Loppet Registration Form 2017

FULL MOON ADVENTURES – Celebrate Winter at it’s Finest! The Moonlight Adventure is ON for this evening,(Friday, March 10th, 2017), at 7:30. This is a very fun, free event, sponsored by Naturally Active for Life Victoria County. We will ski, snowshoe, or walk as a group in areas of the trail that are sheltered from the wind. Afterwards, we will gather in the ski room, with a stove and seating area. Please bring your own snacks and a beverages!

AFTER THE BELL PROGRAM – North Highlands Nordic, in partnership with Naturally Active Victoria County, are sponsoring free use of the facilities, trails and rental equipment at North Highlands Nordic every Saturday afternoon from February 11th – March 4th, 1-4 pm free of charge to all students grades 6-12 who attend Cabot. For more information, you can contact North Highlands Nordic at 383-2479, or send a Facebook Message. (North Highlands Nordic)

WINTERFEST– There will be a guided snowshoe at 1pm on March 13th! Thank you to Naturally Active Victoria County for sponsoring this event

30th ANNIVERSARY OF CANADA GAMES CELEBRATION- Thank you to those who attended and participated in this special afternoon. A sincere thank you to all volunteers, 30 years ago and today, for your hard work and dedication. Great entertainment, fascinating memorabilia, a very successful event!

CREATE AN EVENT – We would love to have you create your own event here at NHN. If you have an idea for an event, please let us know! We could also offer a group discount for various different events, such as – birthday parties! We also have a lovely ski room where groups can gather and have refreshments/foods free of charge! (Bring your own).

OPEN HOUSE- Our open house was fantastic! Thank you to all of the volunteers and all those who participated!!

BUNNY RABBITS – Start date: Sunday, January 22nd. Time: 1-2pm. This program is for preschoolers who must be age three by December 31, 2016. Cost: $50.00 + $7.00 for a toque. Rentals are $5.00 each time or $50.00 for season. Trail pass – free.

JACK RABBITS – Start date: Sunday, January 22nd. Time: 1:30-3:00pm. This program is for grades primary, one, two, and three. Cost: $50.00 + $7.00 for a toque. Rentals are $5.00 each time or $50.00 for season. Trail pass – $50.00.

TRACK ATTACK – Start date: Sunday, January 22nd. Time: 1:30-3:00. This program is for grades four, five, and six. Cost:$50.00 + $7.00 for buff. Rentals are $5.00 each time or $50.00 for season. Trail pass – $50.00.

*For further information, please contact the ski room at, 902-383-2479.*