Trail Conditions and Description

Last Update 2018 Season
Blue Trail
Green Trail
Orange Trail
Red Trail
Brown Trail
Last 24 hrs. Winter
 NHN will open for season on January 2nd, 2018. Regular grooming will begin and trail updates will be posted daily. See you soon!

Trail Descriptions: Blue Trail (4 km) –  Easy Trial. The best option for beginners. Starts with a two-way km;  then has a 2 km loop. Green Trail (2.5 km) – Intermediate Orange Trail (1 km) –   Most Difficult. Steep up and downhills Red Trail (1.25 km) –    Courtney’s Field. Easy Trail and great scenery. The trail is an extension off the blue trail. Small two-way section to loop in the field …. takes you to the shore and a great view of the harbor and mountain. Brown Trail (2.5 km)- Courtney’s Woods. Intermediate level. Classic only trail. 1 km is two-way; then one way and a climb; scenic on top and great ride down to Courtney’s Field!  ** The moose like this trail!!  Give them the right-of-way! Quarry Trail (1 km) – Open occasionally (or part of it) and two-way direction.